We help you recruit faster

Save time and cut your recruiting costs using recruiting automation.
Use automated pre employment assessment tools to screen applicants.
Use a workplace culture assessment.

Recruiting tools

Hiring assessment tools

Automated candidate screening. Hire for team fit using hiring assessments powered by behavioral science.

Candidate sourcing

A reverse job board plus contingent search. Easy candidate sourcing services on our candidates marketplace.

Team culture assessment

Free organizational culture assessment tools focused on work values and preferences. Hire for team fit better.

On demand recruiting

Our platforms helps recruiters, hiring managers and organizations get a true understanding of talent, beyond just their hard skills and soft traits. We do this by using AI and predictive analytics to unify and analyze multiple data sources so you can make more accurate and confident people decisions.

Every talent that goes through our platform gains a deeper understanding of themselves which helps them rise to their true potential.

Automate your recruitment process to save time and focus on what matters most.
Pre hire screening that helps you avoid mis-hires and hire talent that fits for the long run.
Job specs and job match defined through our AI algorithms.
A talent marketplace that is aligned with your needs of hiring for fit.
Improve team performance by hiring for team fit and diversity.
Lower your turnover by hiring for company culture fit and role fit first.

360° recruiting tools

Best talent assessment tools
Use our pre employment testing software. Personality test software, cognitive assessments, behavioral assessments for hiring. Define your job effectively using our hiring needs assessment.
Free talent marketplace
A free, pre-vetted talent job board that lets you easily review candidates that truly fit your needs, role and your team.
Team culture tools
Team culture assessments help evaluate your team’s values and preferences, so you can hire candidates for cultural fit faster.
On demand recruiting services
On-demand recruitment and candidate sourcing when you need a recruiter on demand to step in and help you hire. Regardless whether it’s high growth or contingent search, we will help you out.
Diversity hiring
Hire differently for diversity. Anonymous candidate search eliminates unconscious biases and enables you to hire candidates for diversity, culture add and cultural fit all at the same time, while meeting your diversity goals and requirements.
AI job posting & match

We will help you to create a smart job posts and candidate personas with the support of artificial intelligence, so that you’ll only receive quickly online applications.

Automated AI search and AI recommendations based on skills, experience and education: your candidate personas!

Looking for a recruiting agency ?

We can help you if you’re looking for a recruiting agency, talent acquisition company, it staffing services or recruitment process outsourcing.

We believe that specializations are important. That’s why we used our experience in different specialized sectors by creating vertical job boards.

We support companies by dealing with the search and selection of personnel with a dedicated team that can work at the customer’s site or in a specific hub, taking charge of part or all of the selection activities and making use of proprietary sourcing systems.

È lo strumento ideale per le aziende che vogliono garantire stabilità lavorativa mantenendo le esigenze di flessibilità dell’organico. Con questa formula contrattuale i lavoratori vengono assunti a tempo indeterminato da noi, svolgendo però le loro mansioni presso l’azienda cliente.

Same technology. Different sectors.

We believe that specializations are important. That’s why we used our experience in different specialized sectors by creating vertical job boards.


IT & digital industry


Business & finance industry


Retail & customer services industry


Transport & distribution industry


Health & social care industry


Hospitality & catering industry


Construction & built environment industry


Engineering industry

Business insights

World of work, employment trends, growing sectors and new professions: this is what you find under our magnifying glass.

We use data to derive important insights and information that help large, medium and small businesses make business decisions from an HR perspective.